Hi there! I’m Amber, founder of  Cotton Clouds. I first started in the event industry as an event planner & coordinator and then ventured into the floral design side of the business. After interning and learning the ropes of the business I launched Amber Lay Events & The Floral Pedaler.


Over the years my clients have asked me what to do for party favors. I always recommend donating to a charity and doing an “in-lieu-of favor card” letting guests know that a donation was made on their behalf. Most of my clients love the idea of donating but also want something tangible for their guests…but not something that gets thrown away either!


With that in mind, I started brain storming! Cotton candy seemed to be the answer for everything! It is reasonable to make so a portion of our profits could go to charity, you can get really creative with the flavors & toppings, we can make it organic & all natural and it can be packaged up for favors! Plus, spinning fresh cotton candy cones at events has proven to be a real hit!


Since we donate a portion of our profits to the Cause of the client’s choice we not only found what we do to be more rewarding, but it also made our events give back and make a difference and who doesn’t love that?! It has been so well received that we decided to donate a portion of Amber Lay Event’s and The Floral Pedaler’s profits to the same great Causes!


Be sure to browse around the rest of the site for more info about our flavors,  favors, catering services,  and of course, the Causes!