Our cotton candy is made up of certified organic sugar cane & all natural flavors! Each cloud contains absolutely no preservatives, artificial coloring or dyes.
Please note: The toppings such as sprinkles and pop rocks are not organic or all natural. We also offer traditional, non organic cotton candy. 



S’mores – our toasted marshmallow cotton candy topped with crunchy graham cracker crumbs and thin chocolate shavings!

Birthday/Wedding Cake – our cake batter cotton candy topped with colorful sprinkles!

Snickerdoodle – our cinnamon and sugar cotton candy  topped with a light dusting of ground cinnamon!

Cookies & Cream – our creamy and rich vanilla topped with a fresh cookie crumble!

Salted Caramel – our oooey gooey caramel cotton candy topped with a pinch of sea salt!

Apple Cider – our fresh apple blended with our tangy cider cotton candy and topped with a light sprinkle of ground cinnamon!

Pina Colada – our hawaiian coconut blended with juicy pineapple cotton candy and topped with a paper umbrella!

Strawberry Lemonade – our sweet and ripe strawberry cotton candy paired with our tart lemon sugar topped with a striped paper straw!

Bubblegum – our classic bubblegum flavor topped with mini gum sprinkles!

Popping Pear – our delicious pear flavored cotton candy topped with pop rocks!

Sparkling Sangria – our fruit sweetened, wine flavored cotton candy topped with our shimmering and sparkling sugar!



Vanilla – rich and creamy!

Strawberry – right off the vine sweetness!

Apple – crunchy and juicy!

Bubblegum – the classic flavor you can swallow!

Raspberry – fresh and in season all year!

Pear – delicious goodness!

Lemon – tart and zesty with a sweet side!

Watermelon – juicy and seedless!

Orange – peeled and juiced!

Mango – ripe and oh so tropical!



Pink Vanilla

Blue Raspberry

Green Apple

Purple Grape

Red Strawberry

Yellow Pina Colada 

Orange Citrus

White Vanilla